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Assist A Sista...

is a Gold Coast based group of community volunteers who work together to help survivors of domestic violence to rebuild and repair by bringing hope and restoring faith.

Through our facebook page, we facilitate donations of clothing, furniture, non-perishable food items, toys and other essential and non-essential comfort items. We have also launched our Assist 2 Learn program, supporting children in Refuge to attend school with all the basic essentials that they need.

We supply these items on a needs basis, to families (who always remain anonymous), via our contacts at shelters from Sydney, Northern NSW to North Queensland. We are rapidly expanding into new regions and our vision is to be active in every city and region across Australia.

About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects nearly 500,000 Australian women per year. Although women are the majority, men can also be subjected to domestic violence. It does not discriminate; affecting every community regardless of class, culture or background, young or old.

Domestic violence is the misuse of power to gain control over another person. No one deserves to live in fear of domestic violence - especially not children. Assist A Sista strives to empower victims, with the aim of breaking the cycle and enabling victims and their children have a fresh start; a comfortable home with all the basics, whilst they continue to heal.


  • The service that Assist A Sista Australia provides for victims of Domestic Violence is remarkable and ground-breaking." - Dayle Marino www.dvconnect.org

  • Our refuge received assistance for a mum and her children who had nothing more than their clothes, leaving all their furniture and loved possessions behind....

  • Assist A Sista co-ordinated an amazing group of supporters to go into a property prior to our family moving in to fill it with furniture, toys, food and household items, turning it from an empty unit into a welcoming home and haven...

  • The family was overwhelmed with gratitude and couldn't believe that so many people cared that much about them and their safety...

  • Providing this level of support not only provides a huge help to refuge workers, but makes all the difference to families moving forward independently, knowing they now have their own home and belongings and don't have to rely on the people they are escaping from.

  • When the client saw the house she stood sobbing in the kitchen so overwhelmed and so full of gratitude. The children were squealing with delight when they went into their rooms. One little girl just sat on her bed and held her love wrap – so excited to see her initials.

    DV Support Worker
  • Thank you so much for all your help. I’m finding things difficult coping on my own with 2 young children, after being abused most of my life. My son is not well and he has many difficulties without adding the abuse problems to his lot. Once again I am so grateful and hope some day to return the kindness.

    Assisted Sista
  • Our client said it has been many years since she has cried tears of joy and she can’t thank Assist A Sista enough.

    DV Support Worker
  • I don’t know what to say. I’m still shocked that my boys and I will have ready made home to move in to this week. They are already becoming more confident little men...

  • Thank you for giving us a major step up in our new, more positive and safe life. Your generosity, community and hard work all bring me to tears. Thank you to all the Assista’s involved.

    Assisted Sista
  • Thank you for giving us a major step up in our new, more positive and safe life. Your generosity, community and hard work all bring me to tears. Thank you to all the Assista’s involved.

    Assisted Sista
  • I am so very overwhelmed by the kindness, generosity, time and donations you have all given to our beautiful family about to move into Assist A Haven 25....

  • I feel truly inspired talking to women that are so filled with so much passion and commitment to help women and children in refuge. The amount of work you have all put in Haven 25 is unbelievable...

  • I can’t wait to share the experience of our beautiful lady and her children first seeing their new home. Well Done Assista’s and know you are all making such a huge difference in people lives.

    DV Support Worker
  • I was accompanied by our new refuge coordinator today and she comes with over 20 years experience in the social welfare field and was absolutely astounded with what she viewed today. ..

  • This was the first time she had ever seen anything like this in all her years of working in the field. The house was so warm and welcoming with your team setting it up so our client could just open the door and be at home in their new environment...

  • There have been quite a few tears of joy over the past week from our gorgeous lady at the refuge witnessing sneak peaks of what you were all doing for her. It really is lovely to go to the refuge and see tears of happiness and excitement rather that tears of sadness.

    DV Support Worker

Changing lives;
making a real difference.

About Us

Founded on 1st September 2012 by Nicolle and Manuela, both working mums with a passion to make a difference in the lives of others, Assist A Sista is a community-based volunteer organization that works to help survivors (women and men) of domestic violence to rebuild and repair by bringing hope and restoring faith. We have built up our contact base to now be in a position to help support most of South East Queensland.

To see Assist A Sista become a household name and be present and active in every city and region across Australia.


Assist A Sista Australia will bring awareness to the epidemic that is Domestic Violence through education and action. We WILL make a positive difference; one family at a time.

To domestic violence we stand
together as a community to say...

"Assistas Unite
to Break the Cycle!"

How Does Assist A Sista Work?

Assist A Sista provide support by bridging the gap, where government support falls short:

  • Meeting Immediate Crisis Needs
    By assisting with emergency care packs and other emergency supplies, we are relieving some of the immeasurable stress and duress felt by the family.
  • Providing Specific "Wish List" Items requested by survivors of Domestic Violence.
  • Creating "Assista Havens" for the women (and sometimes men) and their children, once they have exited a refuge and are commencing their journey towards a safe new life in a new home. There is little or no government support available for these brave families and they usually arrive to completely bare housing, without basic necessities, without financial security. Our Havens are completed by motivated and passionate Assistas who create comfortable home environments for the family using items donated by members of the Assistahood.
    Assist A Sista completely prepares the house for its transformation into a home for the family by fitting it out with enough beds, furniture, linen, kitchenware, toiletries, curtains, locks, appliances, etc. Upon completion the home is ready for its new family to move in and immediately start focusing upon the healing journey.
    Assist A Sista and its team NEVER meets the families it assists - it is imperative that the families remain completely anonymous.

Donation Process

Donating goods:

Those who wish to donate (aka Assistas) "like" our facebook page (and make sure "show in news feeds" is ticked in the "liked" drop down window). We post on our facebook wall every time items are required, either for immediate crisis needs, or for specific "wish list" items requested by those we help via the refuges, or in preparation for a full blown Assista Haven project.

We accept both new and pre-loved items depending on whether there is an immediate need for it. Most items are not stored as we do not currently have warehousing or storage facilities. We therefore source items on a needs basis only.

All items accepted by Assist A Sista must be:
Clean. Not broken. In great condition.

If not, sorry, but we will not accept it. It is imperative that all items that we pass on are of a standard high enough to empower our family in need rather than simply passing on someone else's unwanted items. Before you offer it, please ask yourself is it clean? Would I give this to my very best friend? If the answer is no, please find another home for it.

Clothing & Toys - New & Pre-loved

Assist A Sista only accepts clothing and toys if we have specifically requested it. There is no facility to store clothing so when we get it, it moves straight on to the Refuge. Unless the Refuge has requested specifics they will not accept if from us either as they too have no capacity to store* the items. We are also unable to accept shoes unless we specifically requested them.

Kitchenware: New & Pre-loved

Small Electrical Appliances (including Microwaves): New only due to Health & Safety
Cutlery: New & Pre-loved
Glassware: New & Pre-loved
providing they are not broken.
Crockery (Plates etc.): New & Pre-loved providing they are not chipped or cracked and they are clean.

Bed Linen: New & Pre-loved

We are always in need of Bed Linen that is in good condition. If you have it we will almost always accept it, providing it is clean, bagged and labelled with its size.

Pillows: New Only

Assist A Sista only accepts brand new pillows due to Health and Safety reasons.

Large Furniture Items: New & Pre-loved

We accept items on a call out basis only as there is no resource for storing* items. If we can facilitate the donation by having it delivered directly to the family in need then we will gladly accept the large items. If not, unfortunately we have to pass the items up. If you are able to hold on to the items for a period of time until the next Haven comes along and we can use your items then we gladly welcome that.

Baby Goods: New & Pre-loved

We accept items on a call out basis only as there is no resource for storing items. All items must be clean and in good working order. If they are not we cannot accept them.
Dummy’s/ Bottle Teats: New Only
Bottles: New & Pre-loved
Cots: New & Pre-loved
Prams: New & Pre-loved

Back to School Items: New & Pre-loved

We will always accept these items as they are small and we are able to store them.
Pencils & Textas: New Only
Back Packs: New & Pre-loved
Lunchboxes and Drink Bottles: New Only

Pantry Items: New Only

We will always accept non-perishable food items that are Within Date only.
Fresh Items - we will accept fresh items if we have specifically requested these items for a Haven Pantry.

Comfort Pack Items: New Only

We will always accept Comfort Pack items. These include toiletries, cosmetics and fragrances.

Laundry Pack Items: New Only

Love Wraps (Fleece Blankets): New Only

Home Decor Items: New & Pre-loved

We will usually always accept these items as long as they’re not too big. They must be clean and not broken.


Together we make a real difference.

Personal Supporters How You Can Help:


Those who wish to donate items (aka Assistas) "like" our facebook page (and make sure "show in news feeds" is ticked in the "liked" drop down window).

We post on our facebook wall every time items are required, either for immediate crisis needs, or for specific "wish list" items requested by those we help via the refuges, or in preparation for a full blown Assista Haven project.

Spread The Word:

Please "Like" our facebook page, then share our page on your own facebook wall and talk about us to your friends, family and work colleagues.  From time to time we may have an awareness promotion, such as an "Assist A Sista" Day that you can actively participate in at work - information will be featured on our wall.

We have a banner, marketing materials and a trestle table available to promote Domestic Violence Awareness and Assist A Sista at temporary locations, such as shopping centres, school fetes, conventions, etc. Contact us at info@assistasista.com.au to find out more.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to partner with Assist A Sista? Contact us now at media@assistasista.com.au
Click here to download our Sponsorship Opportunities Form to find out more

With thanks to our sponsors and corporate supporters - please visit and like their facebook pages.


Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Property Investment Services Group Logo
PISG donate sizeably for any referrals that come via Assist A Sista

McCoy Design Brand Development Logo
Julie McCoy
Our graphic designer,
web developer and brand champion
Facebook McCoy Design
M10 Communications Logo
Sonia Deakin
Our patron liaison, media, PR and sponsorship procurement expert
M10 Communications

Facebook M10 Communications
Grant Thornton Logo
Tony Windle - Partner
Our Accountant & Business Advisor

Facebook Grant Thornton
Grant Thornton Logo
Ongoing support with the donation of toys in 2018 and 2 trailers in 2014

Facebook CFMEU
Donating: Ongoing print support for flyers, stationery, cards, postcards, small posters and more
and chooses to remain anonymous
Leina Broughton
Donating: Proud Australian brand Leina Broughton understands the importance of dressing with style and how empowering it can be. LB are now proud Assistas through their commitment to our Sisters in need a well as dressing Nicolle & Manuela for public events.
Queensland Appliances

Donating: Appliances

Signal Advantage Logo
Donating: Metal Badges, Prestige Badges, Name Badges and Ribbons
Facebook Signal Advantage
Donating: Supply and printing of our retractable display banner, teardrop flags & outdoor banner
Donating: Ongoing support throughout the year
Eco Tan
Donating: Sponsoring prizes plus media exposure
Donating: high-quality educational and interactive toys throughout the year
Lime Tree Kids
Donating: stylish, unique and fun toys throughout the year
Tiger Tribe
Donating: stylish, unique and fun toys throughout the year
Donating: Laser cut colour and foil stickers - all shapes and sizes throughout the year
Thinking Cap Studios
Donating: Annual website hosting
The Printing Ladies
Donating: Original Logo Design/
Butterfly Icon
Donating: PHP & Theme Support

A fresh start,
leaving violence behind.

Need Help?

If you are in danger right now, call the police or ambulance service!

1800 811 811

Assists women to obtain refuge accommodation, counselling and referral to other services.

1800 600 636

Provides counselling, information and referral to men affected by domestic and family violence.

1800 551 800

A free confidential telephone counselling service for five to 25 year olds.

1800 010 120

A 24 hour confidential telephone service for women who have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted at any time of their lives.

3846 3490

A community based organisation working with women and children of non-English speaking background who are or have been in violent domestic situations and/or have experienced rape and/or sexual assault.

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc.

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PO Box 2585 Nerang BC Qld 4211


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