Assist 2 Learn

Helping the kids from Refuge to thrive and survive

We can "break the cycle of domestic violence" by comprehensively supporting our next generation; bringing normality to the lives of the children who have been affected by domestic violence as they embark on their next chapter at their new school.

Assist 2 Learn is helping kids to thrive in their new environment. As a community, we can now give them the chance to look and feel the same as their new friends.

The Assist A Sista ‘Assist 2 Learn’ program, aims to ensure that the children from Refuge are having their educational needs met and supported. These children will be given the opportunity to access essentials such as new uniforms, school bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, new book packs, classroom computer access fees (to avoid class exclusion), extra-curricular activities and camp excursions.

For this program to succeed we need you! These kids need your support and the support of corporate sponsors. Please spread the word and if you can help with supplies or financial assistance email:

Assist A Sista, Assist 2 Learn Program, helping the kids from domestic violence refuge to thrive and survive.CLICK HERE to view/download/print/share our brochure.

"Thank you so much for offering to support our students who have been affected by domestic violence. As you know, domestic violence is a devastating social problem. While the system response is to care for the adults who have been violated, at our school we see and feel the desolation in the children.
Our children have been emotionally affected by the abuse. Those who we request assistance for are additionally affected because their families are not currently financially resourced to provide uniforms, school supplies, extra-curricular activities and school camps for their child. It is the norm in society that children learn to swim and play sport however, while most children have the opportunity to learn, this is not the case for the children for whom we hope to receive your help.

These activities are very important for our children who are victims of domestic violence, because it would help them to develop skills and have the same opportunities as the other children. Assist A Sista's donations would pay for clean, new school uniforms and new school books which would assist our children to feel normal, fit in with their peers and be resourced to the same level of the other students. Sporting activities would allow these children to have fun and make friends, stimulating their growth which in turn leads to improved physical and emotional health. For example:
• Improved sleep
• Mental health benefits, such as greater confidence
• Improved social skills
• Improved personal skills, including cooperation and leadership

Sport can make children feel included, develop skills in teamwork and has a positive impact on school attendance and behavior. Everyone learns differently, and some of our domestic violence children learn best while playing sport and attending outdoor activities such as school camps. Our school camps are designed to provide outstanding learning opportunities for students and supplement and value-add to the curriculum. Camps improve social skills, build character and increase community-mindedness. Camp experiences enrich lives through developing problem solving skills, encouraging decision making and challenging students to engage in activities that build and increase self-esteem."

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